Microgrid Energy Systems Engineer @ EM-ONE Energy Solutions, Abuja, Nigeria


This is the perfect role for an analyst or engineer with experience in renewables and distributed energy technologies.
You will be part of the global engineering team and collaborate closely with our business development team. If
you’re someone who likes to dive straight into the deep end – we think this role at EM-ONE will be an amazing fit
for you!
At EM-ONE, we are a team of technology and energy experts focused on accelerating the sustainable energy
transition in Africa. We believe the grid of the future is decentralized, decarbonized, and digitalized. Our work
focuses on three energy-related challenges:

  1. Reducing the energy access gap for over 600 million people in Africa. On the current trajectory, population
    growth will outpace ongoing electrification efforts across the continent. Renewables constitute the most
    rapid, cost-effective way to electrify the next billion.
  2. Providing reliable, sustainable power to healthcare facilities. Only 28% of healthcare facilities in Africa
    have access to reliable power – crippling both the availability and quality of healthcare across the continent.
  3. Increasing the share of renewables to lower energy costs and mitigate climate change. Renewable energy
    plays a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions while enabling Africa’s development. We leverage
    cleantech to leapfrog polluting power technologies and develop sustainably.


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